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Objectives Structure Rights/Obligations Membership

Structure of the Association

1. The General Assembly (GA)

The General Assembly shall take place at least each year during the first four months of the calender year. It can be held at any time on request of two or more members. Notice of a period of six weeks is required.

The General Assembly shall be considered valid only if at least 50% of all the members of the Association are present. Decisions of the General Assembly are taken by majority vote, and each member has one vote. Revisions of the constitution and the revisions of the budget and appointment of the Secretary General shall be valid only upon agreement of 2/3rds of all members of the Association.

If a majority of 2/3rds of all members is needed and if in such a case a vote of the present members results in less than 2/3rds affirmatives of all Members or if less than 2/3rds of the Members are present at the meeting, the GA may decide by majority vote of the Members present that the decision on the proposal shall be made by notational voting using written circulations.

After such a decision to decide upon a proposal by notational voting using written circulations, the Secretary shall send the respective proposal to all the members within 2 weeks. All the members shall communicate their decision in written form to the Secretary within 4 weeks after reception of the proposal. Only those decisions which arrive within this period shall be valid. Facsimile fulfils the requirement of written form.

Members of the Association shall be represented by a board member or an equivalent high level manager. The General Assembly may demand Power of Attorney duly signed by the legal representative(s) of the member in case of any doubt. Each member company has one vote in the General Assembly.

Proxy can also be given to another manufacturer. It should, however, be noted that once the proxy (whoever it is) has given his vote, this is also binding on the member that gave that proxy.

All members wishing to discuss a certain topic are to inform the Secretary at least one week before the meeting and have to be tabled by the Secretary latest at the time of the meeting.

2. General Assembly chairman

The members of the Association will nominate the General Assembly chairman for a period of 2 years by simple majority of all members. Re-election of the prior chairman is allowed.

In absence of the chairmen, the Senior member (by age) present at the meeting shall take the chair.

3. Secretary General

The Secretary General is responsible for the administration of the Association and the performance of its usual business. He carries out the decisions of the General Assembly and decides on expenditure within the approved budget. The election period is two years. An alphabetical list of members should first be made available to the Secretary. This list should be alphabetical in respect of the companies that are represented.

If due to unforeseen circumstances the Secretary cannot attend a deputy will be appointed by agreement at the meeting.

The minutes of the meeting have to be kept and resolutions have to be noted in a seperate book.

The Secretary General has also to represent the Association with regard to:

The Secretary General has to obtain the authorisation of the General Assembly before incurring any expenditure exceeding the approved budget and will provide a financial expenditure report to the members of the Association at every meeting of the General Assembly.

4. Permanent Working Groups

The Association will have the following Working Groups

Technical Working Groups (TG)
   - Seamless Steel Working Group 
   - Aluminium Working Group 

Any other Working Group - whether permanent or ad-hoc are normally created only by the majority vote of the General Assembly. If there is urgent need, the Technical Working Group may establish ad-hoc working groups.
The Technical Group shall propose their chairman to the General Assembly for ratification by simple majority of all members.

European Cylinder Makers Association, Von-Ossietzky-Straße 11, D-47906 Kempen, Germany